Last Night I did my first Life Modeling gig, and I gotta say It was a LOT of fun!!! I am still pretty jazzed up today from the experience.


I was very nervous going in, but all of the artists made me feel very comfortable. It really is all about the art. It was fun listening to the teacher teach about negative space, shape, shadows, shading, where the weight falls where and how to portray that onto paper.


It was definitely hard work. Holding the same pose for 20 minutes is a workout on your muscles, especially the first few times you do a certain pose. I looked up and practiced a bunch of poses, but I didn’t use many of the ones I practiced (as they were more yoga like and this group preferred the natural ones). So I winged it and asked them for requests or pointers. Now that I know what this group prefers I am going to practice those ones so that I can be sure to be able to do them as comfortably as I can for as long as they need me to. You never really think about how heavy your head can get on your neck!


They said they enjoyed me modeling for them and would love for me to come back! It was a small group of four artists and the instructor, who also participated. They were all really good artists! I got to see some of their work during the breaks and I was astounded! Each of them had their own style and focus. They even used different tools. Some used Charcoal and one used Oils. I could never really draw anything, let alone a live model. They are very talented. That is one thing I have noticed about living in the PNW, many many many artists in many different areas of art live here. It’s a joy being around so many creative people.


That was such a cool experience. I am looking forward to doing more of that kind of work.


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