Last night I got to be on a film shoot for the American Heart Association. It was just some background work, but it felt great to be back on a set! Big Production Company. It was nice seeing people running around and directing others on what to do and where to be and to see all the crew efficiently busting their butts to get things done. I felt a kind of peace. It was a very long night. One that I am not quite used to anymore. I think my days of filming the 48 Hour Film Projects helped me adapt though. Everyone, cast and crew, were very nice. I really enjoyed working with them all. It was also a paid gig, which is always a good thing in this business.
On my way home – not arriving there til 6 AM – I did get to see one of the Pacific Northwest’s amazing sunrises. I had to drive around by way of Deception Pass because the Ferry stops running at Midnight and it doesn’t start up again until 6 AM. I thought it started up again at 4:45, but I guess that isn’t until later in the year, so I had to drive the 2 hours around. It was rough, but not as hard as it has been before. It was worth it getting to witness the beauty of the sunrise here. It was barely coming up as I drove over Deception Pass and it looked so magical and serene. Nobody on the bridge, except me. If I hadn’t been so exhausted I would’ve gotten out and sat outside watching it there a while. It was really peaceful. I plan to go back and watch it on a camping trip this year. After the bridge the rise was a little higher and there is this field with a pond that had mist rising off of it that looked like something out of a movie with the sunrise coming up over it and the silhouettes of the cows in the field. You could see the reflection of the sky in the water and the mist a heavy evaporation rising to it. The next one was just leaving Oak Harbor. There is a really nice view that some of those houses get over the water. Brilliant pinks and oranges and blues of the sunrise and its reflection on the water there, besides the reflection on it, the water looked like a dark mercury against it. I wish I was in the state of mind to stop and take pictures, but it’s not like they would’ve done it justice anyways. I will try next time though. I am counting on seeing more of them!

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