This past weekend I did a photo shoot with Jonathon Hart. He is a really professional photographer and also personable. He knows how to make models feel comfortable and how to get what he is looking for in their photos out of them as well as what they are looking to get out of their photos. Because I am much more an actress than a model, Jonathon is really good at creating scenes to get the reactions out of my facial features. I am learning a lot about how to be a better model through him. He also has a really good eye and we always end up with some great photos.ronni-8 When he does touch-ups he takes care to not go crazy and the photos still look like you, they don’t look photo-shopped and fake. He is always looking for the best possible way to create the best possible photos. This was my second time shooting with Jonathon and I have never been as happy with my headshots as I am when he is the photographer. We always have fun and I can’t wait to do the other fun shoots we have in mind! To see more of Jonathon Hart’s work click here.

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