Ronni to DreamRonni Lea is the youngest of six sisters. She was born in Arizona, but moved to Las Vegas when she was just two years old. Growing up in a very hot climate, she learned to swim at 3 months old, and was among the top of her varsity swim team in high school. She graduated from Vo-Tech High School with a degree in TV Productions in 2001, then later continued her education at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where she minored in Theatre and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology; all the while earning a living by parlaying her swimming experience into a full time lifeguarding job.

Ronni Lea fell in love with acting unexpectedly in sixth grade during a project where she acted out a story in front of her English class. She loved the response and feeling she got from the other students enjoying her work. From then on she was always trying to get a reaction out of people. “The adrenaline rush you get on stage is addicting. No matter how many times you do a show it never feels the same way twice.” Ronni loves film as well, saying “you have way more freedom to do and try different things; things that stage doesn’t even let you begin to explore.”

Ronni Lea loves learning new things, and has a ton of interests. She loves staying active and anything that may turn into an adventure is huge on her radar! Exploration of new places is a must! She has an extremely positive outlook on life. Her spirit and energy are always high and infectious. This used to get on her best friend’s nerves when in High School, but as she has said, “why be in a bad mood when you can just put a smile on your face and be happy? Life is too short!”