This past weekend I did a photo shoot with Jonathon Hart. He is a really professional photographer and also personable. He knows how to make models feel comfortable and how to get what he is looking for in their photos out of them as well as what they are looking to get out of their photos. Because I am much more an actress than a model, Jonathon is really good at creating scenes to get the reactions out of my facial features. I am learning a lot about how to be a better model through him. He also has a really good eye and we always end up with some great photos.ronni-8 When he does touch-ups he takes care to not go crazy and the photos still look like you, they don’t look photo-shopped and fake. He is always looking for the best possible way to create the best possible photos. This was my second time shooting with Jonathon and I have never been as happy with my headshots as I am when he is the photographer. We always have fun and I can’t wait to do the other fun shoots we have in mind! To see more of Jonathon Hart’s work click here.

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Last night I got to be on a film shoot for the American Heart Association. It was just some background work, but it felt great to be back on a set! Big Production Company. It was nice seeing people running around and directing others on what to do and where to be and to see all the crew efficiently busting their butts to get things done. I felt a kind of peace. It was a very long night. One that I am not quite used to anymore. I think my days of filming the 48 Hour Film Projects helped me adapt though. Everyone, cast and crew, were very nice. I really enjoyed working with them all. It was also a paid gig, which is always a good thing in this business.
On my way home – not arriving there til 6 AM – I did get to see one of the Pacific Northwest’s amazing sunrises. I had to drive around by way of Deception Pass because the Ferry stops running at Midnight and it doesn’t start up again until 6 AM. I thought it started up again at 4:45, but I guess that isn’t until later in the year, so I had to drive the 2 hours around. It was rough, but not as hard as it has been before. It was worth it getting to witness the beauty of the sunrise here. It was barely coming up as I drove over Deception Pass and it looked so magical and serene. Nobody on the bridge, except me. If I hadn’t been so exhausted I would’ve gotten out and sat outside watching it there a while. It was really peaceful. I plan to go back and watch it on a camping trip this year. After the bridge the rise was a little higher and there is this field with a pond that had mist rising off of it that looked like something out of a movie with the sunrise coming up over it and the silhouettes of the cows in the field. You could see the reflection of the sky in the water and the mist a heavy evaporation rising to it. The next one was just leaving Oak Harbor. There is a really nice view that some of those houses get over the water. Brilliant pinks and oranges and blues of the sunrise and its reflection on the water there, besides the reflection on it, the water looked like a dark mercury against it. I wish I was in the state of mind to stop and take pictures, but it’s not like they would’ve done it justice anyways. I will try next time though. I am counting on seeing more of them!

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Last Night I did my first Life Modeling gig, and I gotta say It was a LOT of fun!!! I am still pretty jazzed up today from the experience.


I was very nervous going in, but all of the artists made me feel very comfortable. It really is all about the art. It was fun listening to the teacher teach about negative space, shape, shadows, shading, where the weight falls where and how to portray that onto paper.


It was definitely hard work. Holding the same pose for 20 minutes is a workout on your muscles, especially the first few times you do a certain pose. I looked up and practiced a bunch of poses, but I didn’t use many of the ones I practiced (as they were more yoga like and this group preferred the natural ones). So I winged it and asked them for requests or pointers. Now that I know what this group prefers I am going to practice those ones so that I can be sure to be able to do them as comfortably as I can for as long as they need me to. You never really think about how heavy your head can get on your neck!


They said they enjoyed me modeling for them and would love for me to come back! It was a small group of four artists and the instructor, who also participated. They were all really good artists! I got to see some of their work during the breaks and I was astounded! Each of them had their own style and focus. They even used different tools. Some used Charcoal and one used Oils. I could never really draw anything, let alone a live model. They are very talented. That is one thing I have noticed about living in the PNW, many many many artists in many different areas of art live here. It’s a joy being around so many creative people.


That was such a cool experience. I am looking forward to doing more of that kind of work.


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I met with a really awesome Agent here in Washington yesterday. We talked for a bit and it was really nice to find an agent who doesn’t play games. She tells it like it is and doesn’t have time for actors that don’t want to put the work in. She doesn’t waste time on people who don’t have some sort of training or experience. Her name is Mica Purcell and the company is 6th Avenue Talent. The most legitimate agent I could find here, that didn’t want to charge me for something (other than a percentage of what I make from work she gets me, of course) or force me to take their classes and use their photographers. She does recommend a photographer and from what I have seen she is actually a really talented one, but she liked my current headshot so she doesn’t recommend I change it. Yay for great headshots! She also definitely wants me to keep up with my training, which is a given and I want to! I was able to find out about good classes to take as well.

I am so excited to be a part of this company! Now time to get back to work at setting up my profiles so that she can submit me for things!

I can tell 2015 is going to be a rockin’ year!


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