FEAST Aimee (Lead) Scared-E-Cat Pictures
Presence of Darkness Courtney (Lead) Nark Street Productions
Bubblegum & Broken Fingers Agent Oliver (Supporting) Somnium Productions
The Back Room The Ghost (Supporting) 3DT Productions
Hard Lessons Alexis Templeton (Lead) Paper Slate Pictures
The Deal Damsel (Lead) Scared-E-Cat Pictures
Kill Laura Laura (Lead) Scared-E-Cat Pictures
Hungry For Love Sarah White (Supporting) Paper Slate Pictures
Bride of Diablo Canyon Wedding Girl (Supporting) Crazy Phoenician Media
Definition of Weird Lindsay (Lead) Laughing Jack Entertainment
Disgruntled Busker Young Woman (Lead) Laughing Jack Entertainment
White Paint Crystal (Supporting) Starry Eyed Films
You People Angry Burger Worker (Supporting) VDE Films
Last Call News Crew PA (Supporting) Organic Film Studios
Astro Zombies M3:Cloned Teen Trespasser (Supporting) TVM Studios – Ted V. Mikels
Stirring Alexandra (Supporting) Troy Escamilla



Dracula’s Audition: The Call Back Renfield Nickel City Players
Hot Hollywood Angel Nickel City Players
They Came Lenola Nickel City Players



TV Productions for Film and News Crew SNVTC
Editing, Audio Board Operator, Reporter, Camera SNVTC
Meisner 1 & 2 UNLV
Voice and Movement 1 & 2 UNLV
Acting for Stage UNLV
Acting for Camera UNLV
Stage Combat 1 & 2 (Hand and Long Sword) UNLV
Props/set design UNLV
Scene Study New City Theatre


Special Skills:

Basic Sign Language, Southern Accent, Cockney Accent, Creepy voice, Voiceover Acting, Basic Freestyle Dancing, Bellydance/general, Swimming; Freestyle, Butterfly, Backstroke, and Breaststroke, Distance and Sprint, Lifeguarding, Advanced SCUBA Diving Certified, Jet Skiing, Snorkling, Canoeing, Kayaking, Fishing, Distance Running, Track, Roller Skating, Roller Blading, Ice Skating, Gymnastics, Trampoline, Biking, Hiking, Mountain Climbing, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Horseback Riding, Beginner Snowboarding, Kick Boxing, Bowling, Billiards/Pool, Frisbee, Pogo Stick/General, Jump Rope, Tae Kwan Do, Tennis, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, Kickball, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Bartending, Cocktail Serving, Great with Animals, Modeling, Teleprompter Reading, Licensed Driver, Knitting, Novice Bikram Yoga, Beginner Fencing. Dog and Cat First Aid and CPR Certified.